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With some international holidays off the cards for the time being, many people are instead planning a staycation. But just because holidaymakers are bound to home soil, doesn’t mean they can’t recreate the feeling of being somewhere more exotic and far-flung.

As leading home-swapping site Love Home Swap reveals today, there are plenty of holiday properties in Britain that look like they’ve been transported to these shores from countries all over the world.

Yup! This is actually Cornwall!

After combing through the thousands of properties on its site, Love Home Swap has compiled a list of seven homes across the UK that bear an uncanny resemblance to abodes from abroad. Included in Love Home Swap’s ‘Homes from Away’ list is a Scottish Castle near Loch Lomond that is the doppelgänger of a Bavarian Schloss. Meanwhile a stunning house in Poole looks right out of Monteray Bay, California. And then there’s the Newquay log cabin that could easily pass for a luxury cabin in Norway’s woodland any day of the week.

The full list of ‘Homes from Away’ properties, compiled by Love Home Swap, is as follows:

  1. Scottish castle near Loch Lomond (doubles for a German Schloss)
  2. English farmhouse (doubles for a French chateau)
  3. Highland chalet (doubles for a Swiss log cabin)
  4. Wood cabin in Newquay, Cornwall (doubles for a Scandinavian cabin)
  5. Modern beach house in Poole, Dorset (doubles for a Californian beach house)
  6. Houseboat on the Thames (doubles for an Amsterdam houseboat)
  7. Flat in Chiswick (doubles for a Miami beach house)

Célia Pronto, Managing Director of Love Home Swap comments, “While many of our members’ homes in the UK have a distinctly British character, there are others that look like they’re from another country. Although we can’t recreate the weather in other countries, we can give Britons the chance to staycation in a property that feels a little more exotic and international in its appearance.

“Home swapping is a fantastic way to holiday: it’s inexpensive, you can make great friends, live like a local and you get the chance to stay in truly stunning properties. Who wouldn’t want to spend a little time in a Scottish castle that looks just like Bavarian Schloss? Or a home on the south coast that’s lifted right out of California?” 

All of the properties featured in the Love Home Swap Homes From Away list are available to Love Home Swap members as either home swaps or points swaps. To become a member visit and please check the latest travel advice before arranging a swap. 

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