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In a study which redefines the expression “no shit, Sherlock”, some of the finest minds in Britain and America have revealed that some men are attracted to both men and women. 

Dr Gerulf Rieger of the University of Essex’s Department of Psychology, who had previously confessed that he doubted men’s ability to become sexually aroused by both women and men, led the crack team of cutting-edge academics from Britain and America who have now concluded that they have “clear proof of bisexual arousal”.

Boffins attached probes to the penises of 400 men, showed them some porn, and then measured their penile responses. Bisexual men became aroused by images of both women and men, while straight men preferred looking at pictures of sexy women.

Look! A bloke looking at a sexy lady on his computer.

Dr Rieger explained, “It has always been clear that bisexual men exist in terms of self-identity and behaviour but many [people] including myself, were sceptical about their ability to be sexually aroused to (sic) both men and women.

“Now, with this exceptional number of participants, we have clear proof of their bisexual arousal. This reshapes our entire understanding of male sexual orientation.”

The new study is published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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