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Clinton spoke at a college in New Hampshire over the weekend where she was asked by a student about the various issues facing LGBT youth today. 

“Senator Clinton, the people in the LGBT community want economic justice, trans justice, we are facing employment discrimination, and lack of health insurance. How will you change that?” asked one student.

“You deserve justice, and equality under the law, and it’s why I support the Equality Act.

“I’ve been on the front lines to try to get justice for the LGBT community, and to try to end discrimination,” she responded.

The Equality Act seeks to ban LGBTI discrimination in specific areas: credit, education, employment, federal funding, housing, jury service and public accommodations.

Remaining positive, the former secretary of state did acknowledge that there was a lot of work to be done.

“Even though there’s been a sea change that you are living through, there are still a lot of children, a lot of kids, who are bullied, who are driven to take their own lives, and we need much more support for them,” she said. “My advocacy for the Equality Act is going to be at the top of my list when I’m president.”

The SC Equality Coalition has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Jeff Ayers, board chair of SC Equality, said in a news release, “From her work in passing the first-ever UN resolution to protect the LGBT community abroad to starting a global campaign to abolish AIDS, Hillary is a LGBT ally and advocate, and she alone among candidates has a comprehensive LGBT equality platform.”

Other gay rights supporters have criticised Clinton, who was a relatively late convert to supporting same-sex marriage.

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