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A Higher Education Minister in Indonesia wants to ban LGBT student groups from universities.

Muhammad Nasir made the comments in response to an advert by the Support Group and Resource Center on Sexuality Studies (SGRC) at the University of Indonesia, which was publicising the counselling services they offer to LGBT individuals.

The minister said such groups and services could damage the country’s morality and therefore should not exist on university campuses.

“Why should they exist on campuses? There are standard values ​​and moral standards that must be maintained. The campus is a moral guardian,” he told Indonesia’s Antara News.

“LGBT groups should not be allowed to develop and be given space to conduct their activities. Even more serious are those LGBT members who go into universities with scientific studies, or hold discussion groups,” he continued.

On his Twitter account, Nasir backtracked on his previous comments, saying that universities should not prohibit any activities or discussions that aimed to educate students.

Later, on his Twitter account, Nasir backtracked, posting:

“I would only ban LGBT people from entering campuses if they engage in disgraceful behavior like making love or showing affection,” he published. His message was subsequently retweeted by dozens of his followers.

A petition has been launched that says banning LGBTs students from campuses would violate the constitution and is “incompatible with the nature of education.”

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