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DAMN13 Clothing has launched a modern and stylish inclusive fashion range that offers risqué elegance, quality and comfort for all. 

Award-winning advertising and fine art photographer Marta Kochanek and her wife Barbara Gibson who specialise in illustration and graphic design, have a few things in common – they both love to convert ideas into reality, have an ever-growing want to empower others and as co-founders of DAMN13 are ready to take on this exciting new chapter in their lives. 

Their brand new DAMN13 Clothing range offers minimalistic, black and white modern designs, that focus on inclusivity, empowerment and celebrate androgyny. The products offer quality and comfort, reflected in both elegant and casual styles. 

Birmingham based, DAMN13 Directors Marta and Barbara, had a desire to create a global clothing brand that was open to all. 

Marta Kochanek: “DAMN13 is the youngest child of ours that we hope will bring some fun but also the opportunity to work with ambitious and talented people on upcoming projects. Taking into account our creative backgrounds in advertising and design, we saw DAMN13 to be a natural progression of what we can do together and develop worldwide. The products we launch with are just the beginning and a taste of what we have on our long list of black and white clothes and accessories soon to be available”. 

Barbara Gibson: “When your job becomes your life, achieving goals together brings true joy and satisfaction equally to your relationship as well as to the business. We believe in self-development and look to take another chance not only to start a new dialogue but to meet like-minded people too”. 

Why Black and White? Black is one of the most common colours people choose to wear. It manifests, strong character and independence. 

Black represents power, elegance and sophistication and inspires confidence. Whereas white as a colour represents innocence and purity. It signifies perfection and new beginnings. 

DAMN13 will launch in the UK with a selection of products, including t-shirts, belts, socks, snapback cap and a snood. All available for purchase via their website 

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