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Since 2015, our friends at AZ Magazine have given a vital voice to LGBTQ+ black people and people of colour. Here at OutNewsGlobal we do our very best to amplify ALL LGBTQ+ voices but, with the best will in the world, we don’t share the same life experiences as everyone within our community.

That’s why we’re urging you to give what you can to AZ’s fundraising initiative. Over the past five years, Kei Bennett and her amazing team have produced more then ten events, shared more than 250 stories and reached people in over 200 countries- including places where it’s illegal to freely identify as LGBTQ+…and they’ve done all this while holding down full time jobs.

Regular readers may think it’s odd that the editor of one LGBTQ+ magazine is urging readers to help another title in the same sector, but we believe that a strong LGBTQ media helps all of us within our wonderful rainbow communities.

Being a minority within a minority can sometimes be a lonely place, so let’s all give what we can to keep AZ Magazine delivering exceptional content to its readers.

Click HERE to visit AZ’s fundraiser. 

Have a butchers at this fab video.

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