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safesexTo coincide with LGBT history month, ‘Pride In Practice’ a new scheme addressing how ‘gay-friendly’ GP surgeries are is being put into practice on February 14th.


Surgeries choosing to sign up to the scheme will be assessed using criteria addressing issues like staff awareness, training and health promotion. If practices pass the assessment they will then be awarded with either a Gold, Silver or Bronze award to “recognise their level of achievement”


The ‘Pride In Practice’ plaque will be displayed in order to “demonstrate that your surgery is LGB affirmative”.

Richard Scott, a Christian Doctor, was last year disciplined for discussing his faith with a patient who claimed to be distressed that faith was brought into a medical environment.

‘Pride In Practice’ hopes to identify surgeries that are fully committed to making sure that their LGB patients are treated fairly and have the ability to discuss their issues openly with their GP.

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