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goodwifeAmerican actor Julianna Margulies has confessed she was secretly thrilled with the thought of going gay for a film.

The star, whose big break came on doctor drama ER, was sent the script after stating that she wanted her next venture to be diametrically opposed to her character in legal hit The Good Wife.The undisclosed film project, in which she was asked to play a lesbian porn star, already has James Franco attached to it.

She told the Hollywood Reporter ” There’s been some interesting offers this year because I said, ‘Well, if I do anything, it should be really opposite of what I do’ – and I got offered a porn movie!”

She refused the role, which she later stated was raunchy rather than pornographic, because of her three-year-old son.

She added “It’s not porn. James Franco is doing it and attracting all these people. But I was like, ultimately: ‘I’m a lesbian porn star going down on women? I can’t. I have a child. That’s what’s being offered to me? I think I’ll just keep my day job

“It wasn’t that I was insulted by it. I was actually thrilled by it.”


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