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Perhaps you are looking to sell your home, or maybe you want to present your home to your followers on social media. Either way, we share our top tips for making your home look like a show home.

Demonstrate it is suitable for the number of people who live there.

If you have a one-bedroom flat, demonstrate that two people can live there alongside each other, even if you live by yourself. This means you should dress the table for two people and have enough living room seating for two. If your family house can sleep four, don’t dress the table for two.

Tuck the duvets in.

This might sound like a lot of work, but interior designers do this all the time to add important inches to a bedroom. By folding the duvet under the mattress and keeping it tucked in really tight, it will instantly make the room look larger.

Keep the toilet seat down!

No one wants to see down a toilet, so whether for viewings or photographs, keep the lid on. 

Keep it real.

Viewers want to imagine they could live in your property, so you want to make it look as achievable as possible. So ditch the faux fruit and flowers and go for the real versions (just make sure to keep them fresh looking and smelling!)

Declutter those surfaces.

If you own a coffee-machine, kettle, toaster, smoothie-maker and a microwave, your kitchen might be in danger of looking like a branch of Currys so get ruthless with packing at least some of these away. Clean and clear surfaces allow the viewer to see their own belongings there rather than working around yours.

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Depersonalise the space.

This is a hard one but do think about how much information you want to share with random people…school photos of kids, crazy holiday snaps of you on the beach, wedding invitations attached to the fridge – these all might give away just a bit too much information that you smart not want to share.

Keep it light.

Even if you are a fan of sitting in the dark, viewers wont be able to see your home properly and you should therefore embrace the light! So pull back the curtains, lift the blinds, clean the windows and ensure the windowsills are clear, inside and out. 

Be ruthless.

If you haven’t worn or used something in the past year, get it out of your house. You obviously don’t need it and won’t miss it. Plus if you are moving, it will be less to pack when you get round to it so think of it as getting a head start. Make sure you recycle and donate as many items as possible. 

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