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430139_358936700796069_284421044914302_1132671_1719671582_nA gay teenager from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is speaking out after being beaten unconscious for being gay at a party last weekend.

18-year-old Cody Rogers told the Fox23 news channel that the beating took place amidst a barrage of homophobic abuse after he stepped in to defend an attack his 21-year-old female friend.  He believes that the attack was due to his sexual orientation and the sexual orientation of others at the party.

“I am feeling really emotional, I am holding it in right now,” Rogers told Fox23. “I stepped in and they threw me to the ground. Obviously, I’m a little beat up.”

After reporting the attack to the police, Rogers discovered that Oklahoma’s hate crime protections do not cover sexual orientation. In response to this, he posted pictures of his bruised and bloodied face on social networking sites and launched a Facebook page called ‘Help Stop the Stomping’ in an effort to raise awareness and have the law changed.


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