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operaAn opera which was pulled because of its use of the word ‘queer’ will now go ahead with the word ‘gay’ used in its place – but the author wants an apology from the council.

Lee Hall, the opera’s author, says he is happy that East Riding of Yorkshire Council has agreed a compromise – but wants it to retract a statement suggesting the script features a paedophile.

The statement, issued by the council’s Head of Improvement and Learning, said that “of particular concern and offence was a character who groomed and abused children in his early days in Ibiza”.

Hall insists this is a grave misrepresentation of the script.

The opera was pulled after the head of Bay Primary School in Bridlington, Emma Hobbs, refused to allow 300 of her pupils to take part unless the script was changed.

The lines which caused the furore originally read: “Of course I’m queer/That’s why I left here/So if you infer/That I prefer/A lad to a lass/And I’m working class/I’d have to concur.”

They have now been changed to: “Of course I’m gay/That’s why I went away./So if you infer/That I prefer/A lad to a lass/And him working class/I’d have to concur.”


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