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johnThe man who sparked last Wednesday’s furore at the John Snow pub in Soho has claimed the two men involved were behaving ‘inappropriately’.

Gary from Richmond (who refuses to publicise his surname) insists the two men – Jonathan Williams, 26 and James Bull, 23 – continued to act inappropriately after bar staff told them to tone it down.

“You’ve gone out for the evening with your wife and you’re having a quiet drink in the pub and the guys on the next table are giving each other a full-on snog and fondling one another in ways that I thought were inappropriate, hence my complaint.”

He denies it had anything to do with sexual orientation “I have gay and lesbian friends”.

The fracas became headline news after Twitter fanned the flames. A gay kiss-in was held outside the pub the following Friday which saw hundreds take part.

Mr Williams has laughed off Gary’s reports that he in any way embellished the story.

“I happened to be in the spotlight when something bad happened” he says “I put it on Twitter, that is the power of social media. I can’t be held responsible for the fact it was passed on and I can’t be held responsible for the fact that kissing in a pub outrages people.”

“[We] stopped kissing for probably a good hour”, Williams recalls after initially being approached, nothing “obscene or untoward” occurred.

“If he was uncomfortable I apologise, but I don’t think there’s anything untoward about kissing in a pub, especially in Soho, even if it isn’t a gay pub. There shouldn’t be a problem with two men, two women or a straight couple kissing.”


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