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Two days ago communityHunger4Equality groups from across the American state of Michigan joined together to begin a 100 day hunger strike in the lead up to the November elections.

LGBT people in Michigan have decided to take a stand in order to combat their status as second-class citizens.  Over the next 98 days groups and individuals will take 24-hour stints at the Affirmations Community Centre in Ferndale, only able to drink Coffee, Tea and Water.

Under legislation that has already passed, or is being introduced gay people cannot get married, cannot adopt, can be fired based on sexual orientation, domestic partner benefits have been removed and they can also be denied public accommodation and housing purely over the sex of the person they are attracted to.

Visitors to the Affirmations Centre will also see the “Equality Wall of Shame”, pictures of the 6 politicians they feel are most to blame for limiting the rights of gay people in the state.

The hunger strike is being organised by Equality Michigan, which was formed by the merging of the Triangle Foundation and Michigan Equality. Both organisations were set up in the 1990’s to combat the discrimination against LGBT people that was becoming prevalent throughout the state.

David Garcia, director of the Affirmations Centre, said: “It’s been inspiring to see people walk past the window space with thumbs up and honking their horns. The people reading the giant window signs and people coming in asking questions is exactly why we’re doing this.”

For further information on the campaign check out their Facebook page or website

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