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penguinGay penguin couple Inca and Rayas have built a nest together every spring for six years, only to find no egg filling it unlike the other penguin couples around them. The two Gentoo penguins are both male.

Zookeepers at Madrid’s Faunia park gave the couple an egg of their own to adopt and care for.

Yolanda Martin, who cares for the pair, said: “We wanted them to have something to stay together for – so we got an egg. Otherwise they might have become depressed,” reported the Telegraph.

The ‘inseparable’ penguins have taken to parenthood extremely well, with Inca has taking on the “female” role of incubating the donated egg, remaining on it for most of the day.

His keepers report that Rayas has become more anxious due to nervous anticipation of his due date in June, but that the job seems to have made him into a “new penguin”, according to The Times.

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