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chineseflagA debate about gay marriage has erupted on one of China’s most popular news websites.

Chinese site NetEase asked same-sex marriage advocate Professor Li Yinhe to discuss the issue.

Li Tie, editor of mainstream Chinese newspaper The Times Weekly, wrote an opinion piece in response to the discussion, in which he vehemently condemned gay marriage.

Tie warned of the ‘domino effect’ that could be set in place by same-sex marriage, writing, “Once same-sex marriage is legalised, it may lead to the debates on legalising ‘multi-partner’ marriage’ and ‘human-animal marriage’.

“If the law recognises same-sex marriage, what about the ‘rights’ to adultery, incest or paedophilia?”.

The article sparked both pro and anti-gay comments. One reader wrote, “Gays should be buried alive so that their gay disease won’t infect more people”.

Another reader attacked Tie’s ignorance, accusing the newspaper editor of “not doing his homework” before writing the article.

In China, homosexuality was illegal until 1997, and classified as a mental illness right up until 2001.

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