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AeroflotGay activists in Russia are planning a boycott of Aeroflot, Russia’s leading airline following accusations that a gay flight attendant was forced by his employers to marry his former high school girlfriend, according to


25-year-old Maxim Kupreev had announced his intentions to create an LGBT rights group within the airline company and was then given an ultimatum of straight marriage or the loss of his job, Kupreev married his school friend Sofia Mikhailova who got the right to fly Aeroflot for 10% of the fare – and other company privileges.

In direct action against this, gay activists in Russia are planning to ask air passengers to boycott Aeroflot until the creation of equal conditions for all workers.

The boycott is set to be launched on 9 February at a rally outside the head office of Aeroflot on Arbat Streetin Moscow.

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