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spermA legal tug-of-war over the custody of five-year-old twin girls between two gay men, and a sister that acted as a surrogate has come to an end.

The USA paper Star Ledger reported that Donald Robinson-Hollingsworth and Sean Hollingsworth won a long fought legal battle against Robinson-Hollingsworth’s sister, Angela Robinson.

Angela Robinson claims she moved from Texas to New Jersey when she had nowhere to live in 2005 and agreed to become an egg donor and surrogate for the gay married couple.

When Robinson’s eggs were deemed unsuitable, a donor embryo fertilised by Hollingsworth was used instead, meaning Robinson was only a surrogate and not genetically linked to the children.

A Hudson County Superior Court judge last week ruled that full custody be given to biological father Hollingsworth, while preserving visitation rights to Robinson.

Karim Kaspar, attorney for the Hollingsworth’s, said: “This decision is a victory for parents, particularly those in non traditional families who value diversity and inclusion and pass those values along to their children.”

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