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A Christmas decoration showing a nativity scene with two Josephs has been slammed by outraged Christians.

An independent designer has stop selling his nativity ornaments imagining Jesus with same-sex parents after complaints from a fundamentalist religious group.

Mark Thaler, from California, had made two Christmas tree decorations – one with two Josephs cradling baby Jesus, and another with two Marys. He created the ornaments for his Zazzle company Pride and More.

Christian Concern has branded the decorations a ‘blasphemous attempt to rewrite the Christmas story’.

Chief executive Andrea Williams told MailOnline: ‘These decorations are a desperate and ridiculous attempt to pretend that homosexual relationships are pure and holy.

‘They blasphemously portray the Lord Jesus being parented by a homosexual couple. What depths will the LGBT lobby stoop to in order to try and normalise their behaviour?’

Ms Williams added: ‘God’s design is for children to grow up with a male and a female parent. The Lord Jesus was parented in this way, and this is what is best for children.

‘The LGBT lobby is not interested in the welfare of children but only in pursuing its own selfish agenda. Trying to rewrite the Christmas story is their latest self-deception.’

The decorations are no longer stocked by Zazzle.

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