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rainbow_ribbonA gay couple based in Thirsk want to launch a party bus to reach out to small communities.

The couple, Sam Cohen, 36, and Tina Walsh, 43, feel that small communities are largely deprived of support, advice, and an active gay scene.

The women want to create a double decker party bus – called Gayland – filled with information about the gay community in the area, information which they might not otherwise have easy access to.

Ms Cohen told the Nothern Echo: “There isn’t much for the gay community in our area and we thought other people would be in the same situation all over the country.

“People can contact us and we will go to them – if a few communities within a larger area want us then we can go to a central location to accommodate as many people as possible.

“It will be a source of local information and support relevant to the people we go to, and we will serve drinks and play music, so it will be a fun, party atmosphere.”

“This is about bringing people together, making new friends and finding out what is going on their local area.”

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