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xmasdeckthehallsAn American teacher has been criticised for changing the word “gay” in a Christmas carol.


The teacher at Cherry Knoll Elementary School changed the lyrics in Deck the Hall from “Don we now our gay apparel” to “Don we now our bright apparel”.


The music teacher made this decision because students kept giggling when they got to the word “gay”.

Principal Chris Parker has told television station WPBN that the children have gone back to singing “gay apparel” and he was disappointed with the teacher’s decision to change the words.

He also told ABC news “We have an anti-bullying and discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation.”

“The teacher will be addressing ‘this is how we’re supposed to be reacting.  This is the way to be respectful about this'”.

Parents took to Facebook to add their opinions on the matter.

One user said “By taking the word ‘gay’ out of Deck The Halls you are making it a big deal, one word can have different meanings”.

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