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stpeterLawmakers in the Russian city of St Petersburg have proposed legislation that would impose fines for the promotion of homosexuality.

The law would introduce fines for “propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, to minors”.  It stands almost identically alongside a ban on ‘propaganda’ for paedophilia.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has publicly stated that it will oppose plans in Russian to implement this new law.

This law could see fines which range from 1,000 roubles (£20) to 50,000 (£1,000), and it would also put a blanket ban on gay Pride events.

Today, the FCO said action must be taken to halt this law.  In a statement they said: “The message of this law, that homosexuality is unacceptable, let alone in any way similar to a crime like paedophilia, is wrong.

“It goes against European and Russian commitments to human rights, including the guarantee of non-discrimination set out in the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust, Lance Price welcomed the support and said: “International pressure on the authorities is working and the intervention of the FCO is greatly welcomed.

“We hope that our government, in conjunction with others around the world, will maintain the pressure to ensure that this pernicious legislation, which is already in force in two parts of the Russian federation, goes no further.

“It’s scope is much wider than Britain’s notorious section 28 and would have a massive impact on the rights of LGBT people.”

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