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According to, two-thirds of homeowners have invested in renovations to their properties, spending around £55billion across the UK. One improvement you may not have considered is the inclusion of a roof lantern – like those developed by Aliwood. Adding one to your property can help to introduce more healthy and sustainable natural light into your home. In the darker, colder months, natural light becomes increasingly hard to come by.

Jonathan Hey, Aliwood’s CEO explains “Natural light will promote a sense of wellbeing – being an incredible source of Vitamin D – and is found by many to be a natural remedy to a variety of mental health struggles, whilst also encouraging a better night’s sleep. For those needing to deal with lockdowns or self-isolation, or those who regularly suffer with seasonal depression, it’s increasingly important to get as much natural light as possible.”

“Many people use a lot of fluorescent lighting in their homes, but this has been found to have certain health risks, such as migraines and eye-strain – especially when being used as a leading source of light throughout the day. Fluorescent lighting also elicits an elevated stress response in many – something that natural light helps to mitigate.”

“Further to all the above, being able to effectively light your home by natural means will, naturally, lower your lighting costs significantly.”

CEO Jonathan Hey.

An Aliwood roof lantern is internally crafted from premium quality, knot-free laminated Redwood timber, and is fully capped with marine-grade, powder-coated aluminium externally. This means that no timber elements are exposed to weathering, ensuring no water ingress or leakages whilst it looks stylish on the inside and out.

John Antoniou, a customer of Aliwood contacted the company after identifying his dark home needed more light however he was keen that any new features were sympathetic to the style and character of the home. “We now have wonderful natural light in an area that was gloomy before yet now looks stunning. The supply and fitting was superb craftmanship.” 

This looks lovely!

Aliwood roof lanterns suit any style of property and are made to order in the exact size that is required, in the UK factory. They are expertly designed using sustainable materials to create a virtually maintenance-free, durable product with exceptional longevity.

It isn’t hard to see why a roof lantern could be the next trend for UK home-owners looking to make improvements to their property.

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