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doctorFive-year-old Zach Avery has hit the British national newspaper headlines today, after her parents revealed that she has been identified as having Gender Identity Disorder.

Pictures of Zach have appeared in the Metro, Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers.

Assessed with Gender Identity Disorder when she was four, Zach has been living as a girl for over a year, the Sun reported.

Zach’s mother Theresa, 32, told The Sun “He just turned round to me one day when he was three and said ‘Mummy, I’m a girl’

“I assumed he was just going through a phase and just left it at that.

“But then it got serious and he would become upset if anyone referred to him as a boy. He used to cry and try to cut his willy off out of frustration.”

Zach’s local primary school, Purfleet Primary in Essex, has turned the toilet block used by her year gender-neutral to support her.

Theresa said: “We explained to the other kids at the school that Zachy’s body was that of a boy but in his brain he was a girl. We said Zach was just happier being a girl than a boy.

“But the other kids haven’t batted an eyelid, they’ve accepted Zach as Zach and there’s been no problems at the school with bullying.

“The school has been brilliant and really, really supportive.”


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