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So far, this year hasn’t exactly been filled with fun and, while the pandemic is still very much relevant and ongoing, we won’t be able to look forward to trips and excursions, let alone major getaways to destinations such as Melbourne that require ample time and dedication to explore. For the time being, we can organise a local road trip to discover the wonders of our nearby nature reserves and smaller cities.

However, for 2021, we can at the very least hope to see those flights become more frequent and find hotels reopening and beaches filling up with locals and tourists alike. We can envision Melbourne in 2021 and our trip along with it. In the name of a pandemic-free 2021, let’s come up with a few reasons to make Melbourne your top destination for the upcoming year.

Foodie paradise.

Renowned for its fusion cuisine, Melbourne is a culinary capital like no other, where you’ll find everything from international menus, genuine Aussie dishes, all the way to eclectic combinations, local inventions, and vegetarian and vegan experiences.

Head to Kaprica for a slice of genuine Italian pizza, or visit Huxtaburger for that authentic look and feel of the Aussie eatery when you’re in the mood for a classic, no-fuss burger. You’ll find that brunch is big in Melbourne, so it’s a good idea to take a break around brunch time and discover a local eatery with their own delicacies.

Awaken your senses.

Melbourne is packed with classics and all kinds of expected wonders, as you’ve seen so far with galleries, museums, and eateries of all sorts. There’s something to fit everyone’s taste. However, Melbourne is also so open-minded and diverse that the alternative scene of pleasurable experiences is equally developed and thriving. Take, for instance, those who love to vape! 

For those who love the lifestyle, you can vape in Melbourne and find specialised shops with unique flavours and top-quality gadgets to elevate the experience. From starter kits to advanced additions you can try out when you already have your favourites, Melbourne is the perfect spot for hedonism in every possible sense.

Enjoy the art scene.

Merely stepping into the streets of this city will give you plenty of cultural eye-candy, so to speak, as you’ll be able to enjoy street art unlike any other in the world. Aussies are famous for their love of authentic artistic expressions, so if you enjoy the alternative artistic movements such as street art, you’ll find plenty to see wherever you go. Head over to Hosier Lane, or AC/DC Lane, where you’ll also find Cherry Bar.

Shop ‘til you drop.

When you think of Melbourne, you likely imagine those high-end shopping malls right away, covered in glitz and gold, perfect for haute fashion lovers and picking up a cup of Starbucks. However, Melbourne is much more colourful than that. The city hides entire streets of authentic thrift stores, and outlets for those who enjoy making a purchase while saving a dime or two.

Of course, there are massive malls with a stellar reputation such as the famous Chaddy, or the Chadstone Shopping Centre, where you’ll find anything and everything luxury, but also numerous affordable brands, and foodie courts to take a break when you need one.

Fab nightlife for all.

Melbourne is one of those places where anyone who is on the LGBTQ+ spectrum will feel right at home. While the streets alone are colourful enough to keep you inspired to stroll around and shop around, you’ll also find the city is home to a number of iconic gay bars and clubs that have that authentic vibe of Aussie hospitality. 

The future of any bar and club is still uncertain considering the circumstances, but we hope to see them open and filled to the brim, safely of course, in 2021. Take, for instance, Sircuit Bar as a quintessential gay place for divas to get together and enjoy a spotless show – yes, there’s also a pop-up bar called Kylie on the premises where you can dance to her best tunes all evening.

When life gets dull, just think of Melbourne, and you’ll instantly feel inspired to plan your future and imagine yourself cruising the streets of this majestic metropolis, hopefully, next year. It’s impossible to summarise its charm in a handful of experiences. On the contrary, Melbourne is a unique blend of fun, culture, excitement, and serenity, that you’ll definitely crave for more as soon as you hit the streets and go back to your hotel after your first wild night out. By the time we reach 2021, let’s hope we’ll be able to savour this city in all of its glory and come back for more sooner, rather than later!

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