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Israel_TransFor the first time, a man and a transgender woman were married under a huppa in Israel this week.

The couple, a blonde-bombshell and her husband, whose identity was not revealed, walked down the aisle to the cheers and tears of their friends and family, and with a television crew in tow.

Bride Arizona wore a white dress, or, rather, a light pink one. “It’s the same one Jennifer Lopez wore to the Oscars… This is a special wedding, there are no rules here!” she said, showing off in front of the camera crew, hours before the big moment.

Arizona was born as Erez, one of four siblings, into a traditional Jewish family. The process of becoming Arizona included hormone treatments, breast implants, and numerous surgeries, all to get that glam feminine look. “I want to be Hollywood,” she said at the salon she runs near Tel Aviv.

Although Arizona’s father wouldn’t attend the ceremony, her mother, as well as her Orthodox sisters, did. Meanwhile, the husband’s family said they still didn’t understand his decision.

Arizona said she was happy to go public with her relationship in front of the whole country. “It’s not like it’s only permissible for gays and lesbians to marry,” she said.

As for the couple’s future plans? She said she’s “a million percent certain” they’ll have kids.

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