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filmstockShooting has finished on the first serious gay film to be made in Nepal.

The film Snow Flowers, which has been nicknamed “Brokeback Everest”, has been described by Nisha Adhikari, one of the films actors as “a simple love story with a lot of complications.”

Adhikari plays one of the film’s two main lesbian characters.  It follows the story of two women who fall in love, but who must have the controversy and the emotional, physical and mental restrictions of being a lesbian in Nepal.

Nisha Adhikari said: “The entire movie is based on the trauma – what it is like not being able to come out and live your life because there are so many restrictions.

“This movie will be an eye-opener for a lot of people who have just viewed these issues very superficially.”

Last year a ‘third gender’ was included in Nepal’s census for the first time, and when monarchical rule ended in 2007 religious gay ceremonies and same-sex marriage are widely accepted.  A new constitution could see provisions for gay marriage.

Nepal’s only openly-gay MP Sunil Plant said: “Nepal has always been tolerant and we are now really ready to treat each other equally.”

Snow Flowers was filmed in Kathmandu and Pokhara City will be released in spring.

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