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civil_unionA fifth of Gaydar’s users are planning a civil partnership in the next year, Pink News reports.


A poll released by the dating site took the views of 5,047 men who logged in and agreed to answer question last month.

Gaydar has said the figure can be extrapolated to the whole population of the UK.

60 per cent of the prospective civil partners said they would wear an engagement ring. 45 per cent said they would like a religious ceremony and 48 per cent said they intended to walk up an aisle at their civil partnership.

Over a third said they would have a ‘stag’ event which their partner would not attend.

Simon Johnson, product manager at, said of the users who answered the poll: “It’s lovely that such a large number of couples are loved up and set to tie the knot, particularly seeing as so many guys plan to stick with tradition. It would be great to see the thousands of guys who would like to marry in church able to fulfil their dream, and only time will tell if this will become a reality one day.

“It’s interesting to see there are some gay and bisexual couples who plan to break away from ‘wedding norms’, but this is no different from the many heterosexual couples who are also moving away from these in the modern day.”

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