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Just in case you hadn’t already noticed, this is Lesbian Visibility Week, the annual celebration of some of the amazing achievements of women who love women. And to mark this auspicious occasion, OutNewsGlobal has got together with the lovely people at The Spark Company to give you a 10% discount on some brilliant feminist apparel and a load of other fabulous products.

So whether you want to declare your desire – or intention – to “Eat the Patriarchy”, or if you want to keep things a little more low key by shelling out on a pair of socks decorated with drawings of breasts (and why not?), head over to The Spark Company RIGHT NOW, shop until you drop and, to claim your discount, just enter the code OUTNEWS at checkout.

The Spark Company has become notorious – in a good way – for the slogans that adorn much of their clothing, As well as the exhortation to “Eat the Patriarchy”, some of our favourites include “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History”, “I’m a Fucking Radiant Feminist” and, our favourite, “We Are the Granddaughters of the Witches You Tried to Burn”.

In an era of pinkwashing, when mainstream companies piggyback on the cause of LGBTQ+ rights just to look right-on but with little substance behind them, it’s great for us at OutNewsGlobal to be working with an organisation that does exactly what it says on the equality tin. Run by self-styled “killjoy feminists”, The Spark Company produces sustainable products for people of any size and gender, and in an era where much of the clothing that is bought in the West is produced in sweatshops in the developing world, the company only ever deals with suppliers with clear and verifiable ethical and humane work practices.

They’re pretty eco-friendly too, with a zero-waste and no-plastic-packaging policy which, frankly, is something that should be adopted without delay by the mainstream fashion industry.

Visit The Spark Company now and don’t forget to add the code OUTNEWS at checkout to claim your discount.

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