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MexicanflagLeading LGBT activist Quetzalcoatl Leija Herrera was killed on the 4 of May in what seems to have been a homophobic attack – and campaigners warn that his associates may be next. 

Herrara was killed in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero state, Southern Mexico.

He was an advocate of LGBT rights and with his colleagues at the Centre for Study and Projects on Integrated Human Development organised an annual Gay Pride and diversity march in Chilpancingo every June. He and other CEPRODHEI staff had received many death threats via telephone warning them to not hold the march.

Director of Amnesty International UK, Kate Allen said:“The tragic death of Quetzalcoatl Leija Herrera proves that the issue of homophobia still needs to be addressed in Mexico. While it is vital for the authorities to follow all leads, police and prosecutors must stop focusing solely on the personal relations of the victim and look into investigating possible homophobic motives for the attack. The Guerrero State authorities must hold a full impartial and prompt investigation into Quetzalcoatl Leija Herrera’s murder and guarantee the safety of Gay Rights activists. Homophobia cannot be allowed to be swept under the carpet.” Amnesty International fears that other members of the gay pride organisation he worked with and other LGBT activists may be at risk of attack.

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