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jcrewPresident and creative director of US superbrand J. Crew is in the process of divorcing her husband and is said to be in a lesbian relationship with another woman in the fashion business.

Jenna Lyons, who was married to artist Vincent Mazeau for 9 years and has a five year old son recently, was the centre of media attention after being criticized for painting her son, Beckett’s toenails pink.

The New York Post said Lyons had: “fallen in love with another woman who also works in the fashion business”.

The woman she is said to be in a relationship with is jewellery executive Courtney Crangi, and settlements with her soon to be ex husband are currently underway, she hopes to win the couples sizeable home.

Preppy style brand J. Crew who count first lady Michelle Obama as a customer are looking to open their first UK store in London soon, and are looking at several sites around the city.

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