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Travelling is one of the most popular pastimes for thousands of students. However, choosing an LGBT-friendly city to visit is not always as easy as it might seem. In this article, we’ve listed some of  the most open-minded cities where you can relax and have a great time with your crush. 


This city is considered to be a place of free spirit and amazing freedoms. It is important to note that it has a huge LGBT community. Moreover, the Netherlands was the first country to legalise same-sex marriages. Amsterdam has a whopping number of various gay-friendly restaurants, hotels, and clubs. In this city, you will surely feel safe and are not likely to face any judgment. It might be an excellent idea to visit the Gay Pride Festival that usually takes place in June. You will be able to enjoy tons of various events, including amazing LGBT parties and celebrations. The festival lasts for about three weeks, so you can easily complete all your college assignments and visit this outstanding place. 


Marienplatz in Munich.

There is nothing new in saying that Germany has thousands of gay activists that stand for improving LGBT rights. Munich has an incredibly diverse gay nightlife, as well as cafes and art events. It is one of the most popular cities for LGBT students all over the world. If you don’t want to stay in one city for the entire holiday, you can also visit Berlin, Stuttgart, and Hamburg. These cities are also very gay-friendly, so you can stay there without any hesitation. By the way, many Germans stick to various sex dating websites. In case you are planning to travel alone and find a crush in the new city, it’s easy to meet someone online first. 


Madrid is known to have mild weather, incredibly delicious cuisine, and lots of restaurants and nightclubs for LGBT enthusiasts. It is necessary to note that Spain is included in the list of the most LGBT-welcoming countries globally. Same-sex marriages are legal in this country. 

In case you are searching for the best accommodation alternatives in Madrid, pay attention to La Latina, Malasana, and Conde Duque, the most modern and open-minded areas in the city. Most students would like to visit LGBT festivals during the summer holidays. Madrid is a hot spot with lots of events of this kind. For example, the World Pride Parade is a huge festival with millions of visitors and lots of pop-stars invited. By the way, Barcelona and Valencia, are also incredibly popular cities for same-sex couples. 


Scandinavia is another excellent and incredibly open-minded place to visit. Stockholm is one of the most progressive and supportive places for LGBTQ people. Sweden was the first country that made the procedure of changing gender legal. Moreover, this is a country that actively fights sexual discrimination and allows same-sex couples to adopt kids. 

In case you are planning a vacation in Stockholm, it might be a great idea to choose one of the accommodation options in Uppsala, the most modern area in the city. It has lots of unique bookstores and bars designed to welcome LGBTQ students. By the way, Stockholm also has a yearly held Pride Parade with up to a million visitors.

All in all, there are plenty of great places In Europe that are absolutely open-minded and pleasant. You will surely meet lots of easy-going people there who don’t mind making friends with LGBTQ people. In case you would like to visit lots of countries on your summer holiday, consider choosing Iceland, Denmark, and Ireland, which are the countries with the biggest same-sex couples communities. Want to travel outside Europe? Canada and Uruguay might also perfectly fit your needs. 

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