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stevedaviesIn an interview with the Daily Telegraph yesterday, England wicketkeeper Steven Davies revealed that he is gay.

Davies, who is 24, explained that he came out to the entire England cricket team just prior to the Ashes last year, a three-and-a-half-month tour that he says, “would previously have killed [him].” Andrew Strauss, England’s captain, and Andy Flower, the head coach, were the first to be told. Both proceeded to inform every member of the squad individually, on behalf of Davies.

Davies has spoken of his “massive relief” in “telling the lads.” He continued, “The difference is huge. I am so much happier.” He described how difficult it was for him before he revealed his sexuality, where “A two-week tour would feel like two years”.

In recent competitions however, the young England wicketkeeper has failed to be selected, with No.1 Matt Prior stepping in instead. Davies is adamant that the selectors’ decision is nothing to do with his sexuality.

In the interview, Davies speaks of the pride and support of his family and, despite not perceiving himself to be an ambassador for sexual tolerance in sport, says “I feel it is right to be out in the open about my sexuality. If more people do it, the more acceptable it will become.”

Davies donated his fee for the Telegraph interview to NSPCC’s ChildLine, a 24-hour helpline that has received thousands of calls from children with concerns about their sexuality.

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