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INNERJI, the first ever caffeine free, carbonated energising tonic made with the unique antioxidant properties of Jiaogulan has partnered with fashion’s favourite DJ, and owner of one of the most popular Instagram accounts in lockdown, Fat Tony. 

There’s no denying Fat Tony has made his mark on the international music scene over the years, and he developed quite the reputation early on for his party boy ways, truly living on the edge in every sense of the word.

But today, while still known for being quite the fire starter on the clubbing scene, he is proudly over 13 years clean and sober, subsequently becoming one of the biggest advocates for clean living. It’s for that reason that INNERJI has partnered with one of the leading voices of the sobriety scene, for its launch in the UK.    

INNERJI, which is vegan friendly and gluten free is made with Jiaogulan, also known as ‘the herb of immortality’, which is found deep in the mountainous regions of the far east and possesses the most wide-ranging benefits for human health and wellness of any plant yet discovered.

The super-herb provides energy to the body naturally, meaning you can be on the go, at any time of the day without the need for caffeine. The plant is also proven to include wellness benefits such as reducing high cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and improving heart function, making you feel good from the inside-out. 

Constantly seeking to innovate and explore new ideas and avenues for his art and knowledge, Tony not only continues to fuel the nation with his music, but he is also working on various projects including a new YouTube series called The Recovery which is sponsored by INNERJI.

The new series, which was started in lockdown by Tony, features guests such as Kelly Osbourne and Russell Brand, and aims to bring to life his story and help encourage others that the only thing they should be addicted to, is living their best life. 

Fat Tony comments on the partnership, “I am so excited to become part of the INNERJI family, and in a time where we’re all trying to put our health first, I couldn’t think of a better partnership. I’ve been chasing buzzes all my life and I’ve finally found one that works and keeps me going without the need for caffeine throughout my busy, and often hectic lifestyle. INNERJI is the only boost of energy I trust.”

Moshe Parham Sassooni, Co-Founder of INNERJI adds, “We are proud to be partnering with Fat Tony and help continue to fuel his commitment to clean living. His way of living and outlook on life fits perfectly with our brand ethos and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with him as the brand grows in the UK.”  
INNERJI is available in Tropical Lime flavour in 250ml cans (minimum purchase 6 cans for £13.99) from the INNERJI online shop –

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