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emma_watson-2011-a-p21-year-old Emma Watson received mass amounts of media attention when she cut her long Harry Potter locks off in favour of a pixie-style haircut in 2010.

The My Week With Marilyn star and current face of Lancomé has revealed in an interview with the Independent that she was repeatedly asked whether she was ‘coming out’ as a lesbian by cutting off her hair.

“I had journalists asking me if this meant I was coming out, if I was a lesbian now.” That haircut did make me realise how subjective everyone’s opinion is. Some people were crazy for it and some people just thought I’d lost my shit. All I can do is follow my instincts, because I’ll never please everyone,” she told the Independent.

My Week With Marilyn is Watson’s first feature role since Harry Potter, which she starred in from 2001 until 2011.


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