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Egyptian authorities are allegedly using gay dating apps like Grindr to track LGBT people and detain them.

In addition to essentially providing officials with their locations, app users’ photographs make it easy for police to identify individuals.

Lifestyle and entertainment magazine CairoScene report a source close to the city’s LGBT community claimed apps such as Grindr are “jeopardising the safety” of many of their members.

The source added that because users provide a profile picture of themselves on their dating profiles, they’re easily identifiable.

“It baffles me how easily people are willing to share such personal information in a country like Egypt – it is beyond stupid,” said the source. “I would advise anyone to be careful when dating online.”

Although homosexuality is not banned in Egypt members of the country’s LGBT population have reported experiencing discrimination.

Recently 11 gay men were sentenced to 12 years in prison on charges of “inciting debauchery” when it was discovered that they engaged in sexual activity with other men.

OutNews Global has contacted Grindr for a comment.

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