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Polls find that 72% of those who have already voted have voted ‘yes’

Out of those Australians who have already voted on marriage equality, 72% have voted ‘yes’ compared with 26% who have voted no, according to the latest Guardian Essential Poll.

If the official results reflect this initial survey, there would be a clear win for marriage equality, though campaigners have warned against complacency. Speaking to the Guardian, Equality Campaign executive director, Tiernan Brady, said:

“Undoubtedly these numbers are really good … however, it is only a poll and we are in no way complacent.”

“We know that the Australian people are for marriage equality and have been for many years but for that value to be reflected in the result of the survey everybody needs to vote.”

According to the poll, 58% of Australians support a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to marry, up three points from 55% last week, compared with 33% who oppose it and 9% who are undecided.

Additionally, more than one-third of Australians (36%) have already voted, with many more saying they will definitely vote (45%) or probably vote (8%). Among those who have already voted, 72% voted yes compared with 26% who voted no.

Yes voters also outnumbered no voters in the “will definitely vote” category (57% to 39%) and “will probably vote” (43% to 35%). Among people who say they will not vote, 64% said they did not support same-sex marriage and just 13% said they did, the Guardian report continued.

TV host Ellen Degeneres shared a tweet last week in support of marriage equality in Australia, which read: “I appreciate my wife every day. I can’t imagine calling her anything else.” She added the hashtags: #WifeAppreciationDay #AustraliaMarriageEquality #VoteYes.

Australians have until the 7th of November to post their ballot papers with results expected on November 15th. #VoteYes!

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