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modern-familyAdvocates of a proposed bill in Tennessee which would see schools being banned from teaching children about homosexuality are now discouraging families from watching Modern Family, a popular ABC comedy sitcom of which a gay couple are one of the ‘modern families’.

Republican Sen. Stacey Campfield wants to introduce a “Don’t Say Gay” bill which would limit all sexual education except “natural human reproduction science” before the ninth grade, according to The Associated Press.

The bill was approved by vote at a Tennessee House subcommittee on Wednesday. Directly before the vote, a preacher from Nashville warned parents that children who watch Modern Family might discover there are homosexuals in the world, according to Nashville Scene.

The “Don’t Say Gay Bill” received nationwide criticism in the US, but despite this is still on it’s way to being considered by the full House.

Supporters say the proposed legislation will give parents better control over how and when their children learn about homosexuality.

“The basic right as an American is my right to life, my right to liberty, and my right to the pursuit of happiness,” said Democratic state Rep. John DeBerry, according to the Tennessean.

“Within that includes being able to run my home, raise my children as I see fit and indoctrinate them as I see fit,” he said.

Opponents such as 21-year-old Eric Patton told the Associated Press

“When we have more kids committing suicide because of this bill, the blood will be on their hands.”

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