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Donald Trump has said he would “strongly consider” appointing Supreme Court judges to overturn same-sex marriage, should he become president.

The Republican presidential front-runner told “Fox News Sunday” that he disagreed with last year’s historic ruling that legalised same-sex marriage across the USA, because he believes that each state should decide individually.

“I wish that it was done by the state. I don’t like the way they ruled,” said Trump, continuing, “if I’m elected I would be very strong in putting certain judges on the bench that maybe could change things, but they have a long way to go.”

When asked by the interviewer that if Trump was elected, he might try to appoint justices to overrule the decision on same-sex marriage, Trump replied: “I would strongly consider that, yes.”

Despite being an opponent of marriage equality and LGBT rights, Trump previously told the Hollywood Reporter that anybody continuing to fight against the ruling was doing it purely for political reasons.

Trump recently accused presidential candidate opponent and gay rights supporter, Hillary Clinton, of being “a major national security risk.”

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