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South London charity Wandsworth Oasis have teamed up with comedian Lucien Jack to celebrate the best of international comedy with a final online show called PutItOnOVision!

Taking place online on Wednesday 19th August 2020 from 8pm to 9.30pm, 12 London based comedians from different national backgrounds will perform 3-minute live comedy routines each inspired by their home nation. After all of the comedians have performed, just like Eurovision, the viewing audience will be given a special link to rate the acts and when the voting window closes, the results shall be announced!

PutItOnOVision is a condensed online version of the show Brexitvision, which has taken place for the last two years at The Two Brewers in Clapham.

Countries confirmed for PutItOnOVision are England, Italy, Argentina, Austria, Germany, Jamaica, Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland, Thailand, USA, Vietnam and Wales. Plus, there will be a special guest performance from the winner of StayAtHomoVision – Aimee Cooper. 

Using special software, the audience will be required to decide the winner of PutItOnOVision. Just like Eurovision, they will need to allocate 12 points to their favourite contestant, 10 points to their second favourite, 8 points to their third favourite down to 1 point for their 10th favourite/3rd least favourite (depending on whether your glass is empty or half fall).

The event will be taking place on Facebook Live, via Lucien Jack’s Facebook page.

Donations for the event in support of Wandsworth Oasis shall be highly appreciated, and can be made on their website anytime here.

After hosting the last two editions of Brexitvision in a nightclub setting, the comedian Lucien Jack is looking forward to hosting the gig in the comfort of his own home. He says: “When it comes to comedy, our performances are always propelled forward by the audience’s laughter.

“So, when it comes to performing in front of a screen, and of course this is not applicable with my Only Fans account, it’s hard to gage any reaction. Luckily, most of us can just rely on those voices in our heads, and according to their reaction to my own gags so far, this is going to be one amazing show!”

Wandsworth Oasis: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Lucien Jack: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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