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The acclaimed London-based artist and LGBT activist Ajamu has just launched his ‘Do Something Fierce Challenge’.



FIERCE will be a series of portraits of young Black British born LGBTQ people under the age of 35 – including, among others, artists, activist, poets and designers.

“There has never been a body of exhibited photographic work in the UK by other Black or gay artists, which seeks to capture a new generation of Black and proudly out young, emerging and established talent from within of the Black LGBTQ community,” says Ajamu of the series. However, he is now seeking help in getting the series finished, which is where you may be able to help. Ajamu is looking for 1,000 individuals who can pledge £10 to help him. This will go towards the cost of film, processing and printing. He’s also wanting people to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. He is looking to raise as much funding as possible by 13 July 2012. For full details, as well as a video of Ajamu talking about the project, go to

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