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The Chair of the LGBT group for UKip has stepped down from the role and resigned his party membership.

A series of anti-gay comments from UKip politicians led Tom Booker, who has headed the group for three years, to announce that he would be standing down from the party.

Announcing his resignation on Twitter, Booker wrote: “Last night I stepped down as Chairman of LGBT* in UKIP and gave up my membership of #ukip. I’ll remain unaffiliated…for now 😉

Booker later said in a statement to Pink News that he was ‘disillusioned’ with the direction of UKIP policies and said the party had failed to set a ‘gay-friendly tone’.

Ukip’s LGBT group opposes same-sex marriage on the grounds of religious freedom and gatecrashed the Pride in London parade 2015 after being banned from marching.

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