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denmarkDenmark’s government want to allow same-sex couples to get married in formal church ceremonies, instead of the short blessings that are currently available.

It announced today that it will introduce laws that will allow same-sex couples to marry, the new plans will be launched in February next year, although Danish clergy could still refuse to marry gay couples.

In 1981, Denmark became the first country to allow registered gay partnerships, and acts of homosexuality were decriminalised in 1933.

Church Minister Manu Sareen said to Danish press: “The first same-sex weddings will hopefully become reality in spring 2012.

The Copenhagen post report that around 69% of the Danish public support gay marriage.  The law change would put Denmark on par with countries such as Iceland and Sweden who already allow full wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples.

Currently gay couples can receive blessings at the end of mass in the Danish Lutheran Church, which 80% of the population belong to.

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