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It’s fair to say that 2020 has been one of the most disappointing years since time began so, to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face, we asked our friends at top gay sex shop ES Male to come up with their favourite three products for a super sexy winter.

Throw a party in your bum!

ES Male have been pulling out all the stops and have been investing in some top quality vibrating and rotating anal toys. The range is too big to go through all of them, so let’s focus on the Virgite rotating dildos. Oh my days…the rotation on these bad boys is out of this world! It has four speeds and seven different vibrations and if you can manage both settings at maximum level then we salute you!

The dildos feel reel, are high quality and remote controlled. With a strong suction cup, you can slap it on a service and let it do the hard work (well, some of it anyway). These are not the cheapest of toys but they are seriously worth it, trust us, but if the prices are too rich for your blood there are loads of other brilliant toys to suit your budget.

Cum harder.

It’s not all about the rear! ES has plenty of pleasure tools for your manhood. Take the Hot Octopus range for example; these masturbators have vibrations so strong it will be an effort not to cum too soon. The Jett in particular is brilliant: it is the first Guybrator™ that allows you infinite choice over the strength and frequency of vibration. Adjust the treble and bass to find your perfect frequency. The Jett delivers an intense and completely hands-free orgasm. If this does not do it for you, not to worry. There are at least another 800 different cock toys for you to choose from.

Keep the party going.

To keep the winter fun and in full flow, make sure you have enough lube, erection pills, delay spray and other essentials. For those that love the use of poppers uk head on over to

It never hurts to look your best and feel your sexiest in some hot underwear or fetish gear. With new underwear styles from C-in2, Addicted, Pump and Teamm8, there is plenty to choose from. And If the fetish look is more to your liking, check out the great selection of leather jocks, harnesses and accessories. 

So, get ready…winter is cumming! Are you?

Thanks to our friends at ES Male for their expertise and help in compiling this piece.

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