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Davler Media Group has acquired Metrosource, the largest circulation LGBTQ publication serving New York City and Los Angeles, and second largest nationally.

“This acquisition perfectly complements our newest objective: to become the leading multi-platform media brand serving the LGBTQ community, and the advertisers that serve them, here in New York and beyond,” said David L. Miller, Davler’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Adding Metrosource and the talented editorial and advertising sales team behind it will be a central asset in our expansion,” adds Miller. “Metrosource has been a powerhouse media platform for national advertisers trying to target the LGBTQ market. Our online reach and expertise will help make Metrosource an equally vital asset for their digital ad buys. The timing is fortuitous as it will complement the imminent launch of Exuberance, our new LGBTQ-focused luxury design and lifestyle title, a spinoff of our New York Spaces.”

Founded in 1990, Metrosource was the first glossy publication for LGBTQ people to be free of sexually explicit advertising. Its longtime national advertisers include GlaxoSmithKline, Greece Tourism and Wells Fargo. Regional advertisers including I Love NY have reached the LGBTQ market through Metrosource’s NYC edition, while US Bank, The Sunset Marquis and Aston Hotels advertise in its LA edition.

Under founder and publisher Rob Davis, Metrosource has grown to have the largest circulation of any publication designed for the LGBTQ community, in both the New York and Los Angeles markets, and the second largest circulation for any such publication nationwide. Metrosource’s National Edition provides unique coverage of arts and entertainment, can’t-miss events, gay-friendly travel and the continuing global struggle for marriage equality. Its NYC and LA editions expand this with in-depth coverage of local events, bars, restaurants, shopping and one-of-a-kind directories for finding businesses that are excited to serve the needs of LGBTQ people.

“By combining our knowledge of and credibility with our community with Davler’s expertise in multiplatform execution and events,” concludes Davis, “we are creating the most compelling environment for advertisers to tap the $917 billion buying power of the LGBTQ community.”

The new Metrosource will debut in June/July 2017, with current Editor-In-Chief Paul Hagen at the helm.

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