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01-David-CameronDavid Cameron told church leaders that he doesn’t want to “fall out” with them over his plans to legislate for same-sex marriages.

Speaking at Downing Street Easter reception yesterday the Prime Minister said: “I hope we won’t fall out too much over gay marriage”, adding, “There’ll be some strong arguments and strong words.”

He also said “If this doesn’t go ahead, there will still be civil partnerships, so gay people will be able to form a partnership that gives them many of the advantages of marriage.”

Using the term “we Christians”, Mr Cameron said that his government is “doing God” and welcomes the “Christian fightback” against attempts to remove faith from public life.

He added: “The values of the Bible, the values of Christianity, are the values that we need.”

The coalition government launched a consultation last month to investigate how to extend civil marriages to gay couples.

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