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Ryan Cassata, who starred in our latest YouTube video interview, has released a breathtaking song, raising awareness about the transgender community.

The song, written by Ryan himself, is entitled “Daughter”. It is a nod to his experience as being born in the opposite gender he identifies with. With lyrics such as “I didn’t change who I am, I’ve always been a man”, Ryan’s powerful music makes for a groundbreaking anthem for those who identify as FtM trans.

There is a serious lack of representation for a female to male transgender people, therefore Ryan’s song is all the more special.

The video, who was co-directed by the young entertainer, features transgender actor X, playing the role of Ryan, among an LGBTQ+ cast.

The stunning video is a beautiful tribute to the trans community. It tells the touching story of a father and his transgender son going through his transition. The video shows how difficult it can be for a parent to come to terms with a child transitioning.

Ryan chose to tell his personal story as a proud transgender person. Watch his inspiring music video here:

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