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Finally, a wedding magazine for same-sex brides!

Did you know that a modern wedding magazine for LGBT women doesn’t exist anywhere in the world? Cue, Dancing With Her, a wedding magazine for women in love.

In 2016, founders Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell became engaged. However, faced with the over-representation of hetero-normative wedding material, they were left uninspired in their wedding planning. With a combined background in design and sociology, Dancing With Her offers a unique, modern perspective in translating the real stories of women in love, into stories that evoke and inspire others.

Now, Tara and Arlia need the public’s help in launching Dancing With Her. They have kicked off a Kickstarter campaign to help celebrate all loves across the world.

While Australia does not yet have marriage equality, Tara and Arlia know that women who are in same-sex relationships are choosing to celebrate their love and make lasting commitments to one another, and that deserves celebrating.

Tara says, “Dancing With Her isn’t just for women in love with women. It’s for anyone who believes that all love deserves to be celebrated. For anyone who supports marriage equality in Australia and across the world, for anyone who believes in the representation of diverse people in the media.”

Both women agree that the support they have received since launching their first website and directory in December has been overwhelming. To help launch the magazine, Tara and Arlia are asking for the community to help by pre-purchasing the very first volume of Dancing With Her Magazine.

There are already amazing couples from across Australia itching to share their stories and Dancing With Her is working with some of Australia’s very best artisan wedding vendors, to bring ideas and inspiration when planning a wedding.

“The power of the internet shows us that there is a demand for the representation of a wider community within wedding media worldwide. Although we are producing the magazine in Australia—we also share inspiration from couples across the world on our online blog. Additionally, the magazine will be able to be delivered worldwide, in print or digital format” says Tara.

To learn more and help out, visit the Kickstarter page now!

Visit Dancing With Her’s Official Website.

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