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DaisyLowesmallModel and It girl Daisy Lowe has confessed to having an eye for the ladies.

She has had several well-documented relationships with men (including last year, sugar-daddy Mark Ronson), and is currently dating Doctor Who (Matt Smith), but this did not stop her informing GQ magazine that she is, “pretty much, a mild lesbian.”

The 22-year-old continues, “I think women are really hot.” And confesses to a massive crush on another model famous for her curves, Kelly Brook.

Lowe has been praised as a figurehead for models who are less heroine-chic, more Nigella-curvaceous, and says so in the interview: “Women are so much more beautiful when they have shape.”

If things don’t work out with the Doctor, it sounds like Daisy could be browsing the g3 scene listings soon…

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