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Bisexual organisation Biscuit are fundraising to bring bi pride float to Pride in London

Since the Crowdfunder went live on 26 February, supporters have pledged over £2000 towards increasing the visibility of bisexual people in this year’s parade.

Biscuit’s Director, Libby Baxter-Williams, said: “It’s shocking that in the 46 year history of Pride in London there has never been a bi community float in the parade.

“Pride in London has been outwardly welcoming of  bi participants since 1996 when it was officially renamed, but our community still faces animosity. Bi walking groups in the parade often attract nasty comments from the crowds, and sometimes even the stages.

“That’s why it’s crucial we do this. There is a B in LGBT and that B deserves to be both seen and heard”.

After the Crowdfunder hit its original target of £1250 to pay for the float itself, and then its second goal of £2000 to cover sign making workshops and a stall in Trafalgar Square on the day, Biscuit are now hoping to hit their second stretch goal of £3000.

The extra money will go towards supporting bisexual representation at other Pride marches around the country.

“Crowdfunding is the answer to all our dreams”, said Libby.

“We predicted it would take us five weeks to hit our first target, but we did it in one weekend. We’re not done yet though: We’ll be fundraising all the way through February to make this years’ Pride in London the best our community has seen”.

Biscuit’s fundraiser is open until 2 March 2018, to donate click here

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