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CroatianPride2012Croatia’s largest ever gay pride took place on Saturday with over 2000 people taking part, according to the AFP.

The march took place in the capital, Zagreb, a week after a pride parade in the Adriatic town of Split ended in violence and 137 arrests.

More than 400 policemen were deployed for the event, with only two people were detained – one for carrying an inappropriate sign and another for insulting the participants, reported Croatian Times.

Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic also joined the marchers.

Croatia, still a largely conservative society, is set to join the European Union in 2013, so this year’s event was closely monitored.

“Neither gay parents, nor our children, who exist and live in Croatia, are different!” the Zagreb parade organisers said in a statement.

They urged “equality, dignity and visibility” for all gay and bisexual people and their families.

One of the organisers, Marko Jurcic said that he was proud of all that participated.

”It was great, everything took place in dignity and without major incidents. People from all over Croatia, but also neighbouring countries were here. Thank you to the police for a job well done.”

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